Soi Krung Thai in Thongsala

Soi Krung in Thongsala has emerged over the last few years as the principal hub for shops, restaurants and bars in the main town of Thongsala in Koh Phangan. For years Thongsala did very little to embrace tourism. It was a place to catch a ferry and do some souvenir shopping. Over the last decade more foreigners have set up businesses in Thongsala and more tourists make the town the starting point for their holidays.

The street didn’t seem to even have a name for ages. It was always the side street with the post office on. Now the street not only has a name it always has street markets, pedestrian only times and a thriving scene. Soi Krung Thai is off the main road in Thongsala and it heads down to the port. See the map below for the location of Soi Krung Thai.

Location of Soi Krung Thai

About Soi Krung Thai

During the day the street is a popular place for shopping and eating. By night the street has become the focal point for the nightlife in Thongsala. Lots of people come to the town for the cheap eats and then head over to a bar where they can enjoy a range of beers and cocktails. The prices for drinks in Thongsala are often cheaper than on other beaches on the island, where they often take advantage of ‘captive audiences’ to inflate drink prices.

Here are some of the outlets on Soi Krung Thai.

A’s Famous Cafe

A’s Cafe has been around for so long it has decided that it is not unwarranted to change its name to A’s Famous Cafe. It is an American style dinner that does breakfasts, burgers, subs, cold cut plates, fresh coffee, shakes, 100% juices, beers and sweet treats.

The cafe has recently been refurbished. It is a pleasant spot to sit and soak up the atmosphere. The American owner runs a tight ship and standards are always high. Not really a late night drinking spot but sometimes they host live music.

Beaton Macramé and Stone

The shop has a selection of hand crafted jewellery with gem stones. They also do macramé with gem stones. If you are into local artisan products for souvenirs this is a good place to check out.

Beauty Bar Seafood

Bit of a silly name really. Is it a spa or a seafood restaurant? It’s a seafood restaurant. Sample locally caught fish cooked to traditional Thai recipes. It is a small restaurant with a couple of tables and chairs outside.

For You French Bistro

French style restaurant taking local and fresh ingredients to make delicious French style cuisine. Naturally, wine is available but the prices might make you think about ordering a beer instead.

John’s Bar and Bistro

This is a bigger restaurant with open plan seating inside and out. The yellow decor makes this place stand out on the street. They serve English breakfasts, pies, Thai curries, coffees, juices and Sunday roasts. This is a bistro English style. John’s is a good spot to pass the time while waiting for a ferry.

They also have a selection of beers on offer.

Khunpen Restaurant

A small restaurant that serves a wide range of Thai dishes. They also do vegetarian dishes. So far this place has mixed reviews on Trip Advisor. Don’t have high expectations if you choose this spot for lunch or dinner.


Lilawadee calls itself a ‘concept store’. It sells a range of handmade jewellery, clothes, fashion accessories, home ware and customised motorbike helmets. It is open 10am to 2pm and 6pm to 10pm. If you are struggling to find a present to take home this shop might have just the thing.

Mona Lisa

No tourist street in Thailand is complete without a pizza place. Mona Lisa does pizza and pasta. They have wine and beers. There is seating inside and out. So far this place has got mainly good reviews.

Phangan Ink

Likewise, no tourist destination in Thailand would be complete without a tattoo parlour. Phangan Ink does machine tats and traditional bamboo tatts. Starting rate is 2,500 Thai Baht.

The Port

Stylish new cafe near the port. They have indoor and outdoor seating. They offer coffees, soft drinks and snacks.

Whiski Bar

Small bar on Soi Krung Thai. They serve not just Thai whisky but also imported beers and cocktails. This is a place for those who like a tipple or two.

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