Mission Statement


The Srithanu Hub is a blog intended to cover a range of topics all connected to Srithanu as well as to the surrounding area from Haad Chao Phao (just to the north of Srithanu) to Thongsala. This area is often thought of as a whole since it harbours a community of like-minded souls.

We are interested in bringing you reviews of local businesses and events. We will try to update you to any changes on the scene. And give hints of how you can get more out of your time in Srithanu.

The blog will also include tons of original photos and video clips to try and capture the beauty of the natural landscape; the fun of a moment; the offering of a business. A blog like a book seeks to reveal the new by showing the world through a new perspective.

Our perspective is non-judgemental, playful and factual. We stand back to take in both sides of an issue and let you decide. That’s not to say we won’t crack a few jokes.

Humour is good for the soul. It is apt that Srithanu also aspires to be good for the soul with its numerous yoga centres, vegan cafes and energised people all looking to bring balance, happiness and harmony to themselves, their immediate surroundings, and in a small way, the world.