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West Koh Phangan


West Koh Phangan has a vibrant and colourful scene. In many ways it is the antidote for the excesses of the other side of island. Here you will find miles of quiet beaches great for relaxing; some great opportunities for spa treatments, yoga sessions and other spiritual pursuits; plenty of excellent places to eat and drink; and lots of friendly and welcoming accommodation. Prices for basic bungalow start at 300 Thai Baht ($10). At the luxury end of the accommodation spectrum you can rent private apartments and villas as well as stay in hotels and resorts. One special possibility is the 5 star Kupu Kupu Phangan Beach Villas & Spa by L’Occitane in Plaay Laem.

What is Covered?

We have covered most of what is normally considered west Koh Phangan. We accept that Thongsala could be classified as south Koh Phangan and that Haad Salad and Haad Yao could be part of west Koh Phangan. Rather we have taken the grouping of beaches that spread out from Srithanu that form a wider scene. There is a new age mentality in this area that is very noticeable, and very different to other parts of the island. It is this wider community of those interested in transformation, healthy mind and body that informs the choice of which areas to include in this guide.

Yoga, Therapy, Spas, Mind and Body Transformation

West Koh Phangan is the best place in Koh Phangan to study yoga. In this area you find the most reputable and experienced yoga centres. These are Agama Yoga, Ananda Wellness Resort and Orion Healing. They offer yoga classes and as well as courses for those looking to be yoga teachers.

People seeking to improve their body and mind are not limited to yoga. There is a strong emphasis on detox through careful diets, colonics and steam saunas. The area around Srithanu has attracted several renowned wellness practioners offering their services. One such person is Simba who operates a clinic to treat scoliosis.

Read more about therapy and courses.


The best beaches covered by this guide are Haad Chao Phao and Plaay Laem. These are traditional beaches with white sand, palm trees and a clean ocean for swimming. All the beaches on the west coast are affected by the tidal patterns. Generally, swimming is better during the higher tidal months from April to November.

Other beaches might surprise. For example, Srithanu has a good sandy beach accessed via a bridge. Moreover, Thongsala has a small beach. Nai Wok right next to Thongsala is also surprisingly good. We include guides to each beach. Use the links to the left or look under the beaches tab on the top navigation.

Plenty to do

There is plenty to do on the west coast of Koh Phangan. There is plenty of opportunity to practice yoga, experience reiki, meditate and detox. For those looking for just a bit of fun then Wipeout at Laemson Lake (near Srithanu) might be exactly what you seek. It is a aquatic obstacle course on a fresh water lake.

You can find dive shops in Srithanu, Haad Chao Phao and Thongsala. They also do snorkelling trips. You can read our diving guide and snorkelling guide to find out where to explore the underworld world. We also list dive shops and provide advice.

The activities page also provides information about kayaking, stand up paddling, sailing, mountain biking, language lessons and cooking lessons. As well as a host of other suggestions for those energetic souls who need to break up the sunbathing with stimulus for the mind and body.

Eating and Drinking

Srithanu is fast becoming a leading centre for vegan and vegetarian cuisine in Thailand. That is not to say that all you can find is mung beans and raw carrots. Not only are there several restaurants, cafes and bakeries making delicious vegan and health food, there are also places where you can enjoy European haute cuisine as well as burgers, steaks and pizzas.

There is also a great selection of places to eat Thai food and fresh seafood. Those on a budget will note that Thongsala has the cheapest eating options on the island.

In the area around Srithanu there is a noticeable New Age openess and awareness that informs the social life of the village. In Thongsala this is less evident. People come to the main town for the varied eating options and the lively bars. In Srithanu you might stumble on a drum jam on the beach. In Thongsala you are more likely to hap upon a happy hour deal!


The west of Koh Phangan is very different to Haad Rin. It doesn't hold any massive outdoor parties. Haad Rin (Full Moon Party) and Baan Tai (Jungle Experience, Half Moon Party, Waterfall Party) are short taxis rides away from the beaches of the west coast. Lots of people prefer to take a taxi to the Full Moon Party but stay a good few kilometres away so as to avoid the all night noise, petty crime and drunken fools going for a swim in the wee hours.

The notable exception to the above is the Moon Set Party at Pirate's Bar on Haad Chao Phao. It kicks off 3 days before and 2 days after the Full Moon Party.

Fans of live music will enjoy the Jam at Hin Kong. It is a regular event where locals and tourists get together to put on a live music show. No DJs here, only musicians!

The restaurants and cafes around Srithanu will often muster up a gathering of like-minded souls for a bit of New Age drumming or a sing-along to a guitar.

Explore more / Read On

The infrastructure of Koh Phangan is improving every year. The west coast is mostly flat and has an extensive concreted road network. Lots of people staying in west Koh Phangan rent out mopeds for convenience and to explore other parts of the island. Below you can find links to other Koh Phangan beach guides. It is an island big enough to make exploration fun, but not so big that you find yourself unable to get there and back in a few hours.

There are also plenty of taxis serving the west coast of Koh Phangan. These all go to Thongsala. From Thongsala you can catch a shared taxi to virtually any part of Koh Phangan. Thongsala is about 15 minutes' drive from Haad Rin and the Full Moon Party.


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