What’s It Like Doing Yoga Teacher Training

This is probably a question a lot of people interested in yoga ask themselves. Like people interested in diving might wonder if they have what it takes to become a diving instructor.

Jennifer Pierce has series of vblogs on YouTube going through the various days of her yoga teacher training. In the one above you see her sat at Taboon – a favourite spot for yogis as there is vegan and raw food on the menu. In this entry she talks about the difficulty of giving up sugar and doing 1 hour meditations.

Jennifer never breaks into insight or out of cliché but her videos do give you a first person perspective of such things as giving a yoga lesson, walking to the beach, visiting the market and all those chilled things that Srithanu and Thongsala has to offer those who choose to make Koh Phangan their home for a month or so.

These vblog entries will go somewhere to give you a feel for the life in Koh Phangan and what you can expect from a yoga teacher training course.

Jennifer now teaches yoga and has become a healthy diet and detox expert. Not sure where in the world she lives, but she seems to be taking to the world the Srithanu message.