Solo Travel for Women in Srithanu and West Coast

The above Youtube video is a good representation of life for solo female travellers to the West coast of Koh Phangan. The video typifies the type of places you can visit on the West coast of Koh Phangan and what you can expect in terms of restaurants, facilities, infra structure and activities.

The first thing to mention is that beaches like Srithanu, Plaay Laem, Nai Wok, Hin Kong and Haad Chao Phao have an excellent record for safety for those women who choose to travel alone on the island. These are safe beaches. The trouble, if there is any, is usually focused around Haad Rin whose brand is one of excess and illegality. Those Westerners and Thais looking to steal, exploit, abuse etc. are drawn to the crowds of the Full Moon Party. The West coast with its emphasis on yoga, wellness and moderation provides much slimmer pickings for the inevitable sharks looking for prey.

In short you don’t have to be particularly brave or street savvy to have a great holiday in the West of Koh Phangan.

So what to expect? The video shows the young woman exploring a number of beaches on the West coast using a bicycle. Such is her hippy nature and carefree attitude she rides her bike barefoot. Not recommended. However, you can see the roads are concreted, in fairly good condition and flat.

The woman is clearly a vegetarian / vegan. She manages to find plenty of restaurants with suitable food. She enjoys the local fruit. The restaurants display a lot of drift wood, dream catchers and beach flotsam that captures that shabby beach chic that is the look for the West of Koh Phangan.

The woman seems happy to spend her days on her bike, eating healthily and standing on her head doing yoga.

If all of this appeals but you worry about going to Srithanu or the other beaches on the West coast of Koh Phangan as a solo female traveller then be careful (wear sandals at least) but don’t get paranoid. It’s a beautiful idyllic spot for beaches, yoga and healthy living.