Soho Bar in Thongsala

Soho Bar in Thongsala has become one of the leading spots on Koh Phangan to enjoy draught beer, home cooked food and perhaps a bit of sports action on TV. It is a medium sized bar that seats just over 60 people.

Soho Bar has been running for a couple of years now. It’s decor and presentation place it above the traditional hole-in-the-wall or bamboo bar that used to be spotted all over the island. Although they have rented a space in Thongsala which is a traditional hole-in-the-wall commercial space, they have attempted to bring a bit of modernist style to the decor to provide a more stylish ambience.

At the outside of the bar are high stools for those looking for a quick drink or for those who like to watch the passing flow of people as they sip their cold drink. Inside there is a long bar, a high stool area for solo drinkers and then against the opposite wall are a series of open booths for those who want a bit more intimacy and more table space. Above the bar is a large flat screen TV. It feels very much like a modern bar.

There is also more seating upstairs.

The menu at Soho Bar features English breakfast, BBQ chicken wings, baguettes, a large selection of burgers, Mexican food, and grill items. This is bar fare with a heavy emphasis on quality meat. The burgers are home made from the freshest ingredients. Those who are familiar with bars in the States will be at home at the Soho Bar.

There is a wide range of drinks on offer from branded spirits to draught beers and ciders. The bar keep is more than capable of rustling up a cocktail to suit your taste.

Although I am disappointed that the leading picture on their website for their sports offering is of Chelsea, this is no reason to discount the Soho as a spot to catch the latest Premier League action. They also screen boxing, rugby and Formula One. Indeed if it is on, they will endeavour to show it.

Regarding the name, the branding is meant to suggest a cool London bar rather than a reference to the salacious past of the notorious area in London. So you are safe in the Soho Bar from the attention of ‘working girls’ more commonly known in Koh Phangan as ‘beer bar girls’.

The bar is located on the main road going through Thongsala, near the Pantip Market. If you stroll down the main drag you can’t miss it.

The bar also caters for groups and birthday parties. They claim to do business conferences although the need for this in Koh Phangan seems small.

So if you fancy a draught beer, a decent burger and a bit of footie in a pleasant atmosphere then check out Soho Bar.



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