Slip N Fly


I thought Wipeout / The Challenge was the only water park type attraction in Koh Phangan. It turns out I was wrong. Sly N Fly is another. It is located inland from Wok Tum. The address is Maduwan Road. If you are keen to slide down a big slope and fly through the air then check out the map below for better directions. It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere!

What is Slip N Fly?

Slip N Fly is an event that happens 4 times a month. It is open for 1 or 2 days at a time. It is a day party with dates that are meant to be aligned with the Full Moon Party and Half Moon Party. You can find the latest dates by checking out their Facebook page (link below).

There are two giant slides. These have water flowing down them. Participants pick up speed going down the slope and then hit a big ramp and before they know it they are gambolling, mostly ungracefully and often holding a selfie stick, through the air before they land with a slash in a pool. They are scored for style and hilarity and the winner gets a kiss and a bottle of Leo.

As this is Koh Phangan, the event is very much a party. There is the obligatory DJ booth filling the air with beats. People are playing in the pool. There is a bar with pool table to allow party goers to imbibe, shoot pool and catch the flights of beach bodies.

So it’s another party. Replace the burning rope with the big slide and change the setting from beach to jungle and you can see how the FMP has morphed into Slip N Fly.

There are plenty of videos to show you how much fun is to be had at Slip N Fly. The videos unintentionally reinforce the image that this is mostly for young folk with flat tummies and sick tatts. I imagine strong beards would also go down a treat.

The price is currently 600 Thai Baht for the day.


Slip N Fly is on the Maduwan road. It is the road heading through the centre of the island to Chaloklum on the north coast. It is not the coastal road, but the other road. If you are driving from Thongsala it is on the right, shortly after The Shore Resort.


Phone: +66 97 945 9224