Ladda Restaurant in Srithanu


Ladda Restaurant in Srithanu is not just a good dining options but also a small guesthouse with some cheap bungalows for rent. It is a thriving business that goes mostly under the internet radar but provides value for money and friendly service.

Ladda Restaurant (previously called ‘Ladda Shop’) serves pizza as well as a range of delicious Thai dishes such as tom yum goong. The prices are reasonable. It is an unpretentious Thai style place. There is heavy wooden furniture in a restaurant with an open view onto the road. Ladda is located at the southern end of Srithanu at the point the road splits. The road to the left (west) going to Thongsala, and the road going straight (south) going to Srithanu Peninsula. See the map below.

To the side are a row of bungalows for rent. The accommodation is mostly fan bungalows with mosquito net and attached cold water shower. Room rates start at 250 Thai Baht a night in the low season. There is also the possibility of organising monthly rates. This is good to know if you are booked into a yoga course that is taken a chunk of your money and you have to tighten your budget.

The bungalows are about 300 metres from a good beach on the peninsula. It is possible to stay at Ladda and get to most places by foot. However, you will see plenty of bikes at front from people dropping in for a drink or some authentic Thai food, especially at meal times.


Recommended are the coconut shakes. The Western breakfasts are not bad either. When you peruse the menu you will be encouraged, as this establishment does its best to offer great value. Perhaps this place will make the jump into the digital forum and get picked up by a big review site. For those who regularly frequent Ladda’s the hope is surely that it remains hidden from the casual browsers of the net, and that the same relaxed atmosphere and prices continue uninterrupted by spurious internet attention.

Note: The same family that run Ladda Restaurant also run the small convenience store next door.