Beachub in Srithanu


Question: what is more than a table in a cafe but less than an office? Answer: a beachub or co-working space. Despite the cool but incorrect spelling the notion of a ‘beachub’ appears to arrived in Srithanu. It is the brain child of Matthew Schotz from San Diego in America. He set up Koh Phangan’s first co-working space in February this year (2016). The ethos of the project is very much in line with the idea of Srithanu nurturing a conscious community.

The Beachub is located on the beach, down the road from the 7/11 in Srithanu Village (see map below). It consists of a beach front building. There are tables and chairs on an open front decking overlooking the sea. You can choose between a ‘drop in’ fee (1 day for 400 THB), weekly fee (1,800 THB) and monthly fee (5,400 THB). For this you get a ‘beachfront shared desk’, fiber optic wifi internet, access to a shower and access to Karma Beach Kafe.

That is a lot less than an office where you can keep files, office equipment and furniture. That level of security and facility is not offered. Moreover, giving people access to a cafe is hardly a privilege since the cafe is open to the general public anyway.

The issue of the restaurant is cleverly used to promote the hub. In true Srithanu style Karma Kafe has veggie treats and gourmet touches and of course fancy coffee to fuel the keyboard tapping and screen touching.

In line with the philosophy of a conscious community, the team at the Beachub are there to help people fulfill their business dreams; to mentor; to facilitate ideas. I think this is what is offered by the ‘accelerator’ option on the website. In the Forbes article about Scholtz and Beachub the focus was on the not-so-new digital nomad generation who just need decent latte and wifi connection to make their money blogging and doing affiliate marketing. It is interesting to note that the founder is not a digital nomad – rather he has leased land and is pursuing the traditional model of setting up tangible ‘reality-based’ businesses. Is this a case of in times of gold rush selling buckets and spades?

Beachub is apparently open 24/7 and 365 days a year.